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  • Art
  • Art
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Includes three presets:
A gallery-style theme for gallery-style people.

Key features

  • Show & Tell. And Sell.

    Display your artwork seamlessly with Exhibit. Featuring galleries, ample white space, video integration, versatile layouts and more.

  • Add a hero logo or site title

    Make a big name for yourself on your store's home page with Exhibit's feature logo section.

  • Curate your collection

    Showcase collections, products, images and videos in a multitude of grid layouts, as well as carousel and slideshows.

Built for

  • Artists
  • Photography
  • Creators & makers
  • Exhibition spaces

Exhibit IRL

Why Switch?

  • Melbourne Born, But Spread All Over

    Our clever crew hails from all over the world, including Australia, Montreal, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and Manilla. Yes, this means insane Zoom coordination. It also means all our Themes are designed with multiple, global markets in mind.
  • We’re Paying Attention

    The internet is an ever-evolving place. As are we. Ever growing, challenging, and developing alongside. For you that means you’ll get the latest tech in every Switch Theme - and in every free update thereafter.
  • Tried, Tested, and Vetted

    No good Theme goes un-quadruple checked. Considered at every stage and optimized at every point for the ‘add to cart’ experience, with dozens of tests along the way to ensure every Theme is up to Switch-and-Shopify-scratch.

Exhibit reviews

this theme offers a lot in terms of images, design, and having artworks as products to bring aesthetic visions to life. a significant reason, though, as to why I have enjoyed using the theme is the support I have received on adjusting stylistic concerns. Quewayne, especially, has been patient and thorough while working with me, who is quite particular, and for that I am grateful
— Kendeja Collective
A favorite new theme with responsive support on small things
— nedrelow

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