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Switch to Something Different

We got tired of making popular, benevolent themes in our day jobs. Something had to Switch. So we did. Introducing our suite of not-so-average Themes for not-so-average brands.

  • Comprehensive Support
    With extensive documentation that guides you through each theme, we ensure no Switch user gets left behind. Plus, our crew of code-loving typers are ready to answer your more complex and unique enquiries.
  • Made for Modifying
    We build the foundations of your ecommerce site, ensuring everything's integrated with Shopify and amplified for selling. Then, it’s up to you: make a few edits or a hundred, or invite a designer to do it all for you instead.
  • UX Features & Functions
    Not just a pretty face, the performance of our themes match the charmingness of their appearance. With each including a variety of considered + purpose-built features, designed to make life as easy and optimized as possible. For you and the end consumer.
“This is visually the best theme I’ve ever seen at Shopify (and I worked at Shopify for 2 years so I’ve seen them all)! Wonderful intuitive design, modern feel, and great customer support.”
— Sonja Ringo for Baseline
“I cannot believe the level of customization this theme allows! We were able to build a beautiful store that looks like we used an expensive developing agency. Thank you for making this!”
— PlumThyme for Shapes
“This theme lays out content beautifully. Highly recommend this theme if you want a stunning layout that stands out from the crowd.”
— True Outliers for Cascade
“Fantastic theme for artists & musicians. It's great both aesthetically and functionally. The audio player is really nice and the site is lightning fast. Excellent customer support as well. Highly recommend.”
— Unsound Instruments for Label
“This theme offers a lot in terms of images, design, and having artworks as products to bring aesthetic visions to life.”
— Kendeja Collective for Exhibit

Made by People Who Love the Internet

We’ve been playing with the World Wide Web since Tom first requested to be in our Top Friends. More specifically though, we've been coding, creating, and building with Shopify for 7+ years, first for fun and now as an official partner.

Our fan club. 10,000+ and counting.

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