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Includes three presets:
Get in flow with this soothing and sophisticated theme.

Key features

  • Looks Pretty, Scrolls Prettier

    An engaging yet soothing layout, it’s designed to visually flow as visitors scroll your products. Offering a sight for sore, internet eyes.

  • Text-friendly Templates

    Big or small, a lot or a little. Enjoy type settings that complement – not clutter – your page. And ultimately galvanize your brand’s story.

  • Make it Your Own

    With multiple product templates, content types, and design settings for the multiple things you want to do - like selling multiple things.

Built for

  • Home & Garden
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Crafters & Makers
  • Jewellery & Accessories
“This theme lays out content beautifully. Highly recommend this theme if you want a stunning layout that stands out from the crowd.”
— True Outliers
“I am enjoying the theme a lot. It does a great job at allowing us to share our story. The cascading image and text style makes it feel a little less like a template :)”
— Kroft
“Such a beautiful and modern theme! We especially love the unique layout, ideal for showcasing our images and content in an engaging way.”
— Onlocal Time

Cascade IRL

Why Switch?

  • Melbourne Born, But Spread All Over

    Our clever crew hails from all over the world, including Australia, Montreal, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and Manilla. Yes, this means insane Zoom coordination. It also means all our Themes are designed with multiple, global markets in mind.
  • We’re Paying Attention

    The internet is an ever-evolving place. As are we. Ever growing, challenging, and developing alongside. For you that means you’ll get the latest tech in every Switch Theme - and in every free update thereafter.
  • Tried, Tested, and Vetted

    No good Theme goes un-quadruple checked. Considered at every stage and optimized at every point for the ‘add to cart’ experience, with dozens of tests along the way to ensure every Theme is up to Switch-and-Shopify-scratch.

Cascade reviews

Nice, no-fuss theme that comes with reliable and helpful support!
— Tarte Gourmet Australia
Excellent theme that gives you a perfect base to build on. It gives you a lot of useful presets but also a lot of freedom to play around and create your own unique look in the end. And also the greatest support that really is “here to serve”!
— Kärret
I am extremely satisfied with the Cascade Switch theme. The support provided by Quewayne and his team was exceptional. The visually stunning design of the theme, coupled with its flexibility and intuitive customisation options, exceeded my expectations!!! Love it :)
— Scarlet & Sam
Highly recommend this theme! Easy to navigate, add/remove sections, customize to branding colors etc. + the support team is great—super nice and quick to respond with any questions. Thank you!
— Off Center Clothing
A fantastic theme. Very versatile and the newest version has heaps of new features. Customer service is prompt; William was super quick to help with any of my requests and it was perfect every time. Thank you!
— McLaren Vale Coffee Co
Great theme with so many custom possibilities, you can really create a trendy site very easily. Great support too.
— Moaglea
Great looking theme. Really great support team A+
— Peninsula
The Theme is really beautiful. Code option is super useful. Support is fabulous🤯. Very easy to use with fast, good looking results. If you are looking for a website template which is easy to use, is nice designed and should contain much images, go for it.
Love the theme, can really create narrative styled pages and the support is tremendous. Their support team helped me with 3-4 issues that would have cost me hundreds of dollars from a web developer.
— Cuddle Buddy
I am over the moon with this theme and customer support.. thank you bringing my vision to life. Big shout out to Quewayne for his patience with me.. i have learnt lots from this project and excited to get my shop live!
Great theme, product images presented beautifully across collection and product pages. Love the minimal top navigation. The support is excellent, Quewayne in particular has promptly and thoroughly answered any question I’ve raised. Couldn’t recommend enough.
— Rosie Kent
Nice theme and helpful support.
— Karten Design Fabrik
If this theme wasn’t already top-tier, the Switch Themes team has, in all honestly, given me one of the best customer support experiences I’ve ever had. They promptly troubleshoot so many customisation questions and went above and beyond to help resolve, or in most cases, implement changes on my behalf. Thanks again, Quewayne and the team! I couldn’t recommend them enough.
— The Visual Tailor
I really like this theme and the support offered is very very helpful and useful! I would highly recommend Cascade to anyone!
— GoKo Energy
I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about this theme and the overall store design. I had been using this theme for months no problem, but then a small bug arose recently. I contacted Switch support and they were quick and courteous in resolving the issue. Definitely recommend this theme or any other theme supported by Switch. They do an excellent job.
— Asocha Co
I love the look of this theme but more importantly their customer support is beyond what I expected. I asked to customize a few things and Quewayne was quick to respond, helpful, and patient throughout the process. I highly recommend purchasing this theme as you can truly depend on their customer service.
It’s beautiful and easy to edit. The support from Quewayne was awesome! Speedy responses and very patient for a non tech savvy person such as myself but can’t quite afford a professional as yet :)
— JFY Gift Box
Complete theme, team very supportive, awesome fast theme and responsive! Congrats!
This theme is awesome and great looking. The support I have received so far has been great. Consistent and timely, thank you so much so far for your help!
— Room Waves
Love the theme. I had a little issue but the support team was very helpful, kind and quick to help me solve it. Would not hesitate to reach out again :)
I love the theme. It looks amazing, and the support has been great so far. I wanted to customize things like my own fonts and they helped me throughout the whole process. I’m happy with my purchase and I’d recommend anyone to buy Cascade.
— Photographers Growth
Our first shopify theme and we are very impressed, the support is second to none and the team have been more than helpful in helping us refine the design. We’d highly recommend this theme.
— Taste Of The Inn
Theme is outstanding but the follow up support takes the whole experience to the next level. Above and beyond!
— finessed.
The theme itself is excellent but it is also brilliantly supported by the customer service team. Any issue I’ve had they’ve been able to sort it out which is a huge help. Highly recommend on all fronts.
— Loom Slippers
Have this theme installed now for 10 months and really like it ( Just the other day I looked at all the available themes in the theme store but still think this one is the best. And even better is their customer support: Really fast and actually helpful. They even do small adjustments to the design where you’d normally (with other themes) need a dev for. Thanks!!
— hausjungle
Very pleased with Lynsey’s support - thank-you! Love the theme
— Habotat
This theme and the folks supporting the theme are unbelievably awesome. I had done some customizations that messed up my header, but the team came back and fixed it. Unbelievable. This level of support. And the quality of design, the flexibility of the features. This is the theme to go with for any fashion store on Shopify.
— Saeyri
The Cascade theme truly made my store unique, whats even better is the service that comes with it. I truly appreciate William and the Switch team!! Phenomenal.
— Jungl Box
100% positive says it all. Very happy. Finally a theme with a some flair! Developer was responsive and friendly.
— Amanita Audio
Great fluid theme with lots of cool features. Support was super great tweaking little things for me. Lots of room for cool layouts and creativity with this one.
— California WILD
Cascade is a fantastic theme to work with and is beautifully designed. Easy to navigate and make changes - very user friendly. Another great thing is their outstanding customer service. They are fast with responding, incredibly supportive and go above and beyond. Highly recommend!
Really enjoying working with this very clean theme and the support has been great. Nice work!
Nice design and awesome coding. We love the support - those guys get to you faster than the speed of light and solve your request in no time. Seriously, we have never come across such an awesome support. A million thumbs up for you guys!
— popotti
We purchased this theme 3 months ago for our website upgrade and love it! The homepage is very good for storytelling and can be customised to be less product-focused The menu is quite different from other themes and much more enjoyable to navigate Our customers can sort products via preference! The product page is nice, asymmetrical, good storytelling options for individual product listings.
Great theme for stores that focus on imagery. Really helpful customer support for helping get your store configured too.
— Beanstalk Plant Co
Very neat theme! I’m most impressed about is the team’s customer service. I sent so many inquiries on how to tweak some features and codes. It’s somewhat difficult for me because I have poor english, but Lynsey who was assigned to me was oh so patient and respectful to me as a client, to help me achieve my full potential in customizing their theme. Really great job!
Theme is beautiful, incredibly user-friendly and easy to customize. That aside, the Switch team is always quick to respond and goes above and beyond with friendly service and extra fine-tuning for us. We’ve used a few different themes in the past and no one comes even close to the service we’ve received here. Top notch.
— Cheeks & Co
The theme is beautiful and the customer support is amazing. 10/10
— Blent
Love the Cascade theme. It’s minimalist without being boring and has a great user experience. There are enough elements that I can create a unique layout. The support team have also been incredibly helpful and responsive. Would definitely recommend :)
— Lela-lingerie
Awesome theme with high customisation possibilities. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from my customers and my entourage on our new online shop. The team is extremely supportive and goes out of their way to fine-tune the theme to your liking. If you’re looking for a theme that will help you focus on story-telling, products photos and SEO and great support, Cascade is for you!
— Kulture
Very beautiful, simple, and allows for easy customizations. I’ve noticed my store conversion rate improve significantly once I starting using this time. I also received support almost immediately after reaching out. My contact helped me throughout the whole process and was very easy to work with
— Lift Down
Minimal, clean and dynamic all at once. A perfect template to create a retail environment and seamless experience for customers.
— Gippslandia
Easy clean template and most importantly, the support team is keen to help and support as much as they can
The Cascade theme gave us the ability to add engaging content & design to our website to go alongside a clean product layout. We’re very happy with the results and would recommend this theme in a heartbeat. It was easy to set up and the Switch support team have been great to deal with. This theme has allowed us to curate a beautiful website, that works exactly the way we need it to work.
— Botanica Furniture
The Switch team is very helpful!
— Velvet Coat
It’s a beautiful minimalistic theme, really easy to customize, and looks great on mobile. Also, their customer support is amazing, reliable and friendly. Try it with confidence. Thank You!!!
— Yogamind®
Wonderfully designed and built theme. The customisations are super well built, logically laid out and provide a lot of flexibility in design! The support has perhaps been even more amazing, they are extremely helpful with any request!
— Casana Studio
Tried several themes until we decided to go ahead and purchase Cascade. One of the very few themes with a layout that’s not the same old traditional design you see everywhere. It’s also really versatile and has much more features and customization options than any of the other themes we’ve tried. Support was also super responsive and quick to solve a minor issue we had.
— Materia Studio
Love this theme! So elegant and clean, and support is wonderful! Highly recommend.
— Ananday
I just finished setting up our site on the Cascade theme. I love the robust story telling ability. The only tricky part is creating custom pages that requires some code but after you do it a few times it works good. Hoping to have more features added over time as this theme is a great one and could last for years.
— North Drinkware
It’s perfect. I had some bad experiences with other themes due to small errors (sometimes in desktop, sometimes in mobile). Nothing to worry about with this one, working just great in both. plus the design is 100% pretty! You can contact the support team if you need something tho, they’re really helpful :)
— Kopu
A beautiful minimal theme with excellent customer support! The theme is rich in features and easily customisable, making your website look professional with minimum effort.
— Mineral Project
Love this theme! Switch team is super helpful!
— Fantasy
Really nice and flexible theme. Also the Switch support is amazingly helpful and efficient!
— WomenInMind
The theme is really nice and makes my store look professional and gives it that something special. I wanted a few things changing to help improve conversion and functionality of the theme and the support team were incredibly helpful and happy to make these changes for a better overall experience with the theme! Would recommend even if just for the wonderful support.
— Dora Larsen
Great Theme, I love it! Very nice support.
A really beautiful, elegant theme and the team are so helpful. They were super quick to resolve any questions I had and too help me customise things to get it working exactly how I wanted it. Highly recommend!
— Little Elinor
I am enjoying the theme a lot. It does a great job at allowing us to share our story. The cascading image and text style makes it feel a little less like a template :)
Easy to edit, lots of options, & GREAT customer service. Highly recommend!
— Digi-Block Store
Beautiful theme, but unfortunately Support is terribly slow.
— UrbanHeart Store Inc.
Beautiful theme and amazing support from the themes creators. Thanks!
— des enfantillages
It’s a really nice theme and the support staff are brilliant. I have put in a number of minor requests (mostly cosmetic changes) and am never disappointed with the responses. Thanks again William for making my new website look so good!
— Thornbill
This theme lays out content beautifully, and the support team is always super helpful! Highly recommend this theme if you want a stunning layout that stands out from the crowd.
— True Outliers
Support was fantastic. Theme gave us the design aesthetic we were looking for.
— Laylo Pets
Great Theme, very flexible, easy to set up, stable and perfectly responsive. Amazing and kind support team. Very helpful ! I strongly recommend Cascade and the team behind. Thanks !
— atelieribiza
Beautifully designed so you can merge everything to look great! A very supportive team that helps efficiently and REALLY fast, they helped me to add responsive photos in my slideshow so now they are vertical in our client phones. Thanks again to William and all the Switch Team.
— Modo Barcelona
Love the features that come with this theme, -- lots of flexibility and options to customize, and the developers provide excellent support with quick replies.
Beautiful theme! Most importantly, the support team went above and beyond. Tremendously helpful with every question and request.
great theme incredible support
— Behind The Seams Boutique
Well-prepared theme with excellent support in case of any questions related to changes / updates.
— Pokojovky
Very good theme and very good and quickly support ! I recommand it
— AVAMethod©
The theme is beautiful and really simple to use. I asked William to add some functionality to some of my other pages and he sorted it within a day! Highly recommend.
— tomsstudio
After looking at all the themes, I started my store on Cascade and haven’t been sorry. The support has been responsive and generous. Thank you
— together
Excellent theme and excellent customer service. William is listening to its users and also helps you getting the best out of this shopify theme.
— Zirkuss
Simple and really customizable. The support team is very helpful and quick to reply.
— 324 New York
I love the design and customer service is great!
— New Phrenology
This template has been great- we were using a different template and platform previous and we have literally had ten times as many orders as our last site - which we’d had for years. On top of that, the support is very fast and effective. A very welcome asset! Thanks Switch team!
— Elbow Workshop
GREAT theme and great support team
— For Your Guest Bathroom
This is an extremely well built theme. What makes it even better though is that William provides fast and helpful support if you need a hand after your purchase.
— Good Edition
Gorgeous theme and amazing support :)
Great support and amazing theme! William is, as the other reviewers have said, fantastic and incredibly responsive. I’m so happy with this purchase.
— Potion
William has provided the highest level of support. The theme is good, dynamic, and translates well to mobile. Still currently building our page out and still receiving great support :)
— PlanetWare
Very happy with this theme so far. William even made some small customizations for me. Great support, although make sure to read what is covered in the included support, as I made an unreasonable request, and was quite rude with William, before he showed me what I was entitled to. It was entirely my fault for not reading it, and William still went out of his way to help me in any way he could.
— tchnoslt
Perfect for what I needed, support was very helpful and even customised something for me. highly recommend this theme
— studio bajada
Great theme, had a minor pet peeve with something, pointed it out to the support team (Will) and they sorted it out very very quickly! Couldn’t recommend anything from Switch enough!
— Hill + How
This is a great theme, really easy to use, clean and modern. We also received great support from the Themes creators. would definitely recommend it!
— Sackville & Co.
The Theme is beautiful and works really well! On top of that the customer support is outstanding. Very nice and helpful!
Beautiful, minimal theme with so much subtle style. Super easy to customize. Incredible support that goes above and beyond any themes I’ve experienced in the past. I love my new site!
— Tree and Trim
Such a beautiful and modern theme! We especially love the unique layout, ideal for showcasing our images and content in an engaging way. Support was great too – thanks for helping us out!
— onlocaltime
Gorgeous and unique design! This theme showcases our products with a very luxurious and premium look and feel. The big images help us show our clients the great quality of our products, and the storytelling approach helps us communicate it with sophistication! Thanks for creating such a beautifully curated online experience! P.S. their dev team is super helpful-- thanks guys for all the support!
— Barcemoda
This theme is unreal and the support is out of this world. William was extremely helpful and made changes within days and recommended coders that could custom build what we were looking for. We are so happy that we are working with this company and would recommend it 110%.
— Up Cannabis
Finally a theme which is different and the support is great: Fast and reliable!
— Soleria

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