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Includes three presets:
A typography focused theme designed for the unconventional.

Key features

  • Brutalist design

    Be bold and vibrant or minimal and understated. Combine Baseline’s grid, color schemes and type settings to create a unique look and feel.

  • Typography focused

    Use Baseline’s text and navigation sections to display menus, collections, products or to tell your brand story.

  • Multiple product templates

    Choose a feature-rich standard template or a horizontal gallery template designed to showcase product imagery.

Built for these industries

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home & Decor
  • Clothing & Fashion
This is visually the best theme I’ve ever seen at Shopify (and I worked at Shopify for 2 years so I’ve seen them all)! Wonderful intuitive design, modern feel, and great customer support.
— Sonja Ringo
The theme is incredibly flexible with sections and blocks that can be easily edited and rearranged, plus it performs very well on Shopify speed tests.
— Clara
LOVE this theme. I've been waiting for something this cool to come out on Shopify for years! This theme super versatile. It’s fresh and modern - but can be toned down based on your needs.
— Mannermarket

Stores that switched to Baseline

Why make the switch?

  • Dedicated support
    With in-depth theme documentation, a community hub and friendly support - making the switch to one our themes is a seamless experience.
  • Highly customisable
    We pride ourselves on making themes that are highly customisable - allowing you to create truly unique stores that stand out from the rest.
  • Over 5+ years experience
    We’ve been making themes for the Shopify platform since 2016. We’ve been through a lot of changes in the platform and know the Shopify theme eco-system like the back of our hand.

Reviews for Baseline

Great support, so really nothing to complain about. Love the theme as well!
— Marina Pillow
Extremely happy with this theme. The support and the Customer Service is the most important for me in order to be able to edit the theme and the guys have been more than supportive. Thank you Team Switch!
— outofspaces
This is visually the best theme I’ve ever seen at Shopify (and I worked at Shopify for 2 years so I’ve seen them all)! Wonderful intuitive design, modern feel, and great customer support - they answered my request so quickly! Super happy with the product and team :)
— Sonja Ringo
Extremely happy with this theme. The support and how the Dev Team went the extra mile for special additions made me even happier with it! Thank you Team Switch!
Hi, this a theme very particular. It have lot’s of things different and in some times a little bit tricky. Once you got it you can make a very clean, modern and futuristic store. In the other hand customer service is awesome. Have talk with them several times and solve all my issues. If you are looking for a theme that looks clean and modern here you have. Recommend it.
— Noa Harmon
Awesome theme and great support! The theme has many options and is very fluid.
— blackmomentum
Great theme and the support is always very helpful. Many ways to create your own design using this template! The only thing I would wish for is the opportunity to implement your own font to the theme without coding :)
— claï studio
Absolute perfection. Best customer services to help. Beautiful theme really easy to set up. I 100% recommend.
The theme is perfect and the developer is very helpful!
— Law Firm
The theme is perfect and well thought out. I really appreciate the customer service that helped me and answered all my questions and doubts. Thanks
We really redesigned our site using Baseline. The theme is incredibly flexible with sections and blocks that can be easily edited and rearranged, plus it performs very well on Shopify speed tests. We had a few additional requests and the team were more than happy to assist to create a solution quickly and for free which is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Quewayne!
—  Clara
Very much in love with the flexibility of this theme. If that wasn’t enough, the support from the Switch team is incredible.
— good neighbor
We love this theme :) had a couple of needs and Quewayne was really nice in helping us fix everything!
Tema molto bello, personalizzabile in ogni sua forma e assistenza molto cordiale è disponibile.
— SunglassUp® | Online Store
I love this theme and support was excellent! Happy designer, and happy clients.
— NeWest Press
I was looking for an editorial and text focused theme that would work with services and not products. Baseline was everything I needed and more. It is a challenge to have a visually appealing site without relying on images but Switch stepped up to the challenge and delivered.
— Rone Guerrero | Shopify Web Design & Development
Very sleek theme. A lot of great section blocks to use for a very customizable store, Great support. I would love if you could add a hero slideshow block and an FAQ page.
— Ironwood Cider House | Sunnybrook Farm
I love the uniqueness of this theme and the ease of which I can be creative. The support team has been super fast and incredibly helpful!
— bellemenyc
We love the design, fits with our aesthetic perfectly. We loved the out-of-the-box design, and the template makes customizing very easy to do. Support from William was superb; responsive and helpful. 10/10
— Good Measure
I really love this theme! Super eye catching right out of the box. Lots of easy options and customizations available. Is working well with a large catalogue. So far I’ve only had one issue and they fixed it very quickly with great communication.
— Better Stay Together
One of the coolest, most versatile, original, and user-friendly themes I’ve come across on the theme store, and I’ve used and built over dozens. This one seriously rocks. Thanks y’all.
— Jibby Coffee
Great minimalistic, but super flexible Shopify 2.0 theme. It’s quick and easy to set up your shop and the many different components and their settings give you endless possibilities and ways to achieve a unique look. I had a couple smaller questions and the support responded really fast with a simple solution. Try it!
— Mein Honig
At we’ve been looking for a theme with this level of design and functional flexibility for a while now. This theme does the basics really well, with some nice subtle touches that makes the experience of working with it really enjoyable.
— Mavis and Osborn
I’ve been creating & managing client Shopify stores for 5+ years and I can say without exaggeration that Baseline is miles ahead of any theme I have ever used. Sophisticated aesthetic yet easy to use on the back end with so many section options to create one of a kind e-commerce experiences! And the level of support is as great as the theme!
— Red Monkey Lifestyle
I love the team, and how it’s possible to personalize it. Quewayne and the team helped us massively with few requests for changing They’re fast, and super friendly. One of the best investments I did was choosing this theme. Thank you guys!
This theme’s minimal aesthetic sits back and let’s our brand shine. Super simple to use, and now with the added features of shopify OS 2.0, there’s a greater level of flexibility in customising pages. On top of this, the support team (Quewayne and co) are incredible. Any issues we have are quickly resolved with the help of the support team. Highly recommend Baseline.
Not only does the theme look stunning and easy to customize, the help and support was fantastic. I needed help editing the code to make certain parts of my website custom, Switch customer support was quick to respond (less than 12-24hours) and made all the custom changes I required. Amazing experience.
— Original Self
Super easy template to use, easy to mix up the style. Really fabulous customer support – speedy, helpful and always so willing to help. Cheers!
— Picky Limited
Great design and customer support!
— 精少壞 | WHY Z CLAN
Excellent theme! The functionality, features, design aesthetics as well as support are a 10/10. I highly recommend!
— The Very Good Goo
Hands down one of the handiest, easiest, well-coded and most versatile Themes I have worked with. The settings are rich of options, the Theme allows for a lot of customisation, and even their helpdesk is fast and friendly. 100% would recommend!
A very visually appealing theme + their support team is so so helpful! Very responsive and helpful in adding custom changes to parts of the theme!
— S E L V A \ N E G R A
This theme has a lot of settings that made my website dreams come true and saved me so much time. I noticed that they are continuously adding new features (they are a new theme). Their support is really good too.
— ueso
We love this theme. It has an unusual design. It is very fast and the support of William is incredible. He has always been willing to help us in what is at his hand. I recommend it 100%
— 99% Gafas
Great theme, highly customizable compared to other themes on shopify, the support is awesome and very helpful. William from the support theme help me whit solve things that other support teams would not do. I can recommend anybody trying out this one.
— af lysell
The Baseline theme is so cool, the support was very reactive and helpful ! Our website has leveled up and we are having a lot of positive feedback from our customers.
— fro.
Such a beautiful theme! Using it for my fashion line: As a journalist/fashion designer this is the perfect mix of written and visual presentation. It is very streamlined and easy to navigate while still having that high-end luxury feel I needed for my brand. Support is also fantastic. They are quick to respond and help. My first Shopify store and loving it. 100% recommend.
Love the new Baseline theme. Been playing around with it for 2 weeks now, and going live with it in a week. Been looking for a grid format for ages, and its so versatile. Looks very modern and contemporary too. Support have been great as well.
— Zach Footwear
It is the most unique and contemporary theme. The developer’s support and service was also perfect. I am very satisfied.
The theme is amazing. Really one of a kind! The support from the team has been beyond great as well. They went above and beyond to help us with our requests. Highly recommend!
— casa arcobaleno
Best developer on the entire Shopify platform. A responsible and ethical developer who is open to hearing feedback and helping with basic questions is one that will continue to get my support and business.
— Blind Date
LOVE this theme. Iv been waiting for something this cool to come out on shopify for years! This theme super versatile. It’s fresh and modern - but can be toned down based on your needs. Also the mobile experience amazing - which is important. Im obsessed <3 It’s elevated my brand to a whole other level. -A
— mannermarket

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